Margaret Nyabuto

“I love to do what I do! I also believe that to change my community, there must be quality education”

Consolate Muga

“I founded Mercy due to the burden for orphans and vulnerable children. I left Nairobi with 1,500 shillings ($20) and travelled to Migori where I rented one room at the shopping centre. Within three months, there were thirteen children. “

Beatrice Marongo

“My mother started this work. There were many children left without parents due to the post-election violence at the end of 2007. We had to care for children; there was no-one or no home for them to go to.”

Install Solar Power at two Primary Schools

Thank you to our partner, Juamii based in Hamburg, Germany for funding the installation of solar power to two primary schools associated with Manasprings. This was made possible by our connection with Founders of Juamii, Julian Pabel and Karim Souid. The schools have been able to greatly reduce their electricity costs which means savings and […]

Support a Chicken Project

Thank you for helping women in Nyanza, Kenya to start chicken rearing projects. Initially the women formed a group to support one another, until there were more than enough chickens for each woman to rear chickens at their homes. We look forward to helping more women in the region.


We came. We went. And in between we laughed, learnt, made new friendships, and rested. 46 Manawomen from across Kenya gathered in Nairobi for the Manasprings Grassroots Wellbeing & Leadership Event, a four days/three nights residential program designed to care for carers – women on the frontlines caring for disadvantaged and marginalised people. Thank you […]


Over twenty-five women gathered together for a ManaChapter in Uriri. Hosted by the Consolate Muga, who leads her community with such strength and humility, the day was filled with shared stories of challenges and overcomings, and everything in between. Creating local spaces for women to share in a trusted space is so important to increased […]


Our days with Consolate – Founder of Mercy Compassionate Centre, and key leader within Manasprings were wonderful. Cheryl Blackwell, visiting from Australia, along with Co-Founders, Wanjiru Waithaka and Carey Westwood took part in facilitating a local ManaChapter and also visited the Mercy Mainflower Academy, saw the Mercy farm and new borehole under construction. Thanks Consolate […]


One of a kind, hand-woven baskets support women basket weavers in Kenya and raises much-needed funds for Manasprings to help strengthen women grassroots leaders caring for impoverished and vulnerable communities. The baskets are traded under the charity’s brand name – Manabaskets, and are available to retailers at wholesale prices. If you’re a retailer, and you’d […]


It was wonderful to visit the Ever Increasing Faith School located in Kisumu, Kenya. Founded by Manawoman – Susan Kimori, the school supports children from disadvantaged and vulnerable communities. We recognise Susan’s compassion, courage, and perseverance in stepping out to champion education for every child. Donate today to Manasprings Girls Education Initiative.


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