Be A ManaRafiki

Would you be a friend of Manasprings…a ManaRafiki?

Rafiki in Swahili means friend, and we’re asking you to be a Manasprings friend by becoming a regular supporter. 

Mana women are amazingly dedicated to the work they do. They boldly stand against the injustices of sexual abuse of young girls, taking victims of rape to hospital. They rescue, counsel, and care for abused and abandoned boys and girls. They passionately provide education, taking children off the streets whose parents can’t afford school fees. They help create community dialogue with ethnic groups, endeavouring to find common ground for peace. They help elderly widows. They provide basic food items for HIV+ single mothers, and upskill economically poor women. They train youth in tailoring, carpentry, mechanics, hospitality, hairdressing and welding. They help many children, women, men, families and communities living in poverty.

Be a ManaRafiki and receive a unique, hand-made trade bead bracelet as a gift from Manasprings.

As a ManaRafiki, your *$50 per month donation will support Manasprings in Kenya in encouraging, educating and empowering women at the grassroots.

We’ll make sure to keep in touch, and send you the Quarterly Mana News.

*Donations over $2 in Australia and $5 in New Zealand are tax deductible. Tax deductibility is also available in the United Kingdom.

I donate to Manasprings because I see the wonderful difference made so far in the lives of women serving their communities. I believe and trust in the vision of Manasprings. This is a great work.

Kaylene (Australia) October 5, 2017