Manasprings on Radio in Australia

Wanjiru Waithaka and Carey Westwood (Co-Founders of Manasprings) were interviewed by Tara Burke (4CRB, Gold Coast) while in Australia in May 2018. The radio interview presents Manasprings in Kenya – how the organisation started, what it does, and how people can be involved. Please take the time to listen, and we hope you learn more […]

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To Serve In Kenya – Dio Magazine, New Zealand

Carey Westwood (Student of 1979 at Diocesan School for Girls, Auckland, New Zealand) has travelled to more than 50 countries. She credits her parents for the gypsy residing within her, and for her love of visiting new places, meeting new people, and experiencing different cultures. When she was 11, her family left Auckland and travelled […]

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