Transforming Communities


“Mana is simply how you care for other people.”

We are born to help one another. We are born to connect with community. When we serve one another, we experience a deep contentment.

Manasprings facilitates ‘in-field’ learning that takes place within community schools, health centres, children’s homes, community groups, agricultural settings and more. We become stronger leaders by seeing first-hand what other like-minded leaders are actually doing. We learn from each other. Our organisations grow stronger.

We champion Mana Women and their local organisations! And in doing so, help raise funds to support their projects - a bus for a school, water for a children’s home or emergency food and shelter.

You Can Help us By

Contributing to a community project

  • Target: $5,000

    Raised: $175

    Some of the amazing Mana women in Kenya are carers and educators of many orphaned and vulnerable children, and we’d love you to help us in supporting them with the basics, such as food to ensure that each day, every child receives a nutritious meal. Recently, Wanjiru and Margaret researched growing vegetables in small urban […]

  • Target: $1,200

    Raised: $50

    Women are extremely hardworking and creative when it comes to business, and the money they earn provides for rent on their home, school fees for children, and daily food for the household. But raising the capital to start a small business is challenging for many Kenyan women living in rural villages or inner city informal […]

  • Target: $12,000

    Raised: $250

    Women in leadership is a major agenda within Manasprings, so empowering young women to become leaders in their chosen career is vitally important to Manasprings. Educating Kenyan girls to realise their full potential is worthy of our efforts, especially when we understand that girls and women suffer such inequalities, including gender disparities within education and […]

  • Target: $45,000

    Raised: $500

    A 4WD for Manasprings means that Mana women will be able to visit other projects to learn from one another, and a 4WD will give Manasprings access to visit communities and schedule Women Leadership Events in cities and villages throughout Kenya. Our aim is to purchase a 2010 Toyota Prado or similar with seven seats. […]

Together we were able to get...

  • Thanks to friends who donated $1,600 to buy 15 bags of maize and five bags of bean for Mercy Children’s Home. Drought in the Migori area meant that the expected harvest of maize and beans for children living at Mercy Children’s Home was halved. There would not be enough food for kids.

  • Partnering with Ducere, Manasprings handed out over 8,000 books to children in Kenya, in both public and informal schools. The African Children’s Stories are remarkable books, written by African children for children across the world.

  • Today, Danny is a student at the University of Nairobi, studying accountancy and commerce. Danny is one of eight siblings, and the first within his family to attend university. 

  • After receiving funds from the Australian High Commission Direct Aid Program, Tenderfeet have been extremely busy in building new gas cookers for the school kitchen, erecting a water tower and connecting water to the school, plus getting new office furniture and computers.