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Small acts of kindness can bring change, the type of change that reaches beyond borders and across nations, to tangibly make a difference in the lives of others.

Manasprings connects people all over the world to cultivate shared learning and wisdom; that links like-minded women (and men - you are most welcome to join) with a heart for community transformation.

Together we can build stronger local Kenyan organisations led by women to better address their development challenges.

By joining MS Connect, you’ll be directly supporting Manasprings local events led by local Mana women. We call them Manasprings Chapters, where women gather to encourage one another, learn from each other, and most of all connect with one another.

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MS Connect - Kenya

Women (and men) residing in Kenya
Annual membership is Ksh 5,000

Manasprings is a women’s empowerment organisation providing encouragement and education for women community leaders. The Manasprings Events are only open to women. It is anticipated that in future, Manasprings will hold events for women and men.  For now, all our male friends, partners, husbands, fathers and brothers, we welcome your financial support and encouragement.

MS Connect – Kenya offers:

  • A place to participate with other Kenya women leaders.
  • An opportunity to build good relationships with other leaders with a heart for community.
  • Mana News, keeping you informed of all that is happening at Manasprings
  • Invitation to attend Manasprings Chapters in your locality. Please note: these invitations are especially for women who are serving their local community.
  • Opportunity to attend Manasprings County and Regional Leaders Events, connecting with women community leaders from across Kenya.
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MS Connect - Global

Women (and men) residing outside of Kenya
Annual membership is AUD 99

Tap into the rich collective wisdom of women (and men) across the world. Your contribution may or may not be huge to you, but to many women leaders in Kenya, it can change the lives of thousands.

MS Connect – Global offers:

  • A place to give of time, talent and donations.
  • Opportunity to strengthen Kenyan women leaders and their organisations.
  • A platform to participate – to lend a voice and a hand.
  • Mana News, keeping you informed of all that is happening at Manasprings
  • Most importantly, a chance to make a difference in the lives of many.