ManaChapters – Strategy For Future Growth

Published on October 9th, 2019 in Events, General News

The second half of 2019 witnessed the formation of a Manasprings Chapter Strategy Committee, consisting of eight women representing various communities across Kenya. Key Manasprings women community leaders participated in a Strategy for Future Growth one-day meeting at Manasprings Nairobi offices, whereby Brent Manssen and Dr Gloria Schuck facilitated discussions centred on a three year growth strategy for Manasprings.

Manasprings appreciates the service given by the Chapter Strategy Committee and all the Manawomen leaders who are dedicated to seeing local ManaChapters taking place in villages and towns across the nation, to support grassroots women caring for the marginalised and disadvantaged.

Watch this space for further progress in 2020, as we GO FOR IT!