Strengthening Grassroots Women Leadership in Kenya

Strengthening Grassroots Women Leadership in Kenya

Forty four Manawomen gathered for the Manasprings Grassroots Women’s Leadership Event from Nairobi, Nakuru, Gilgil, Kisumu, Molo, Elburgon, Siaya, Migori, Nyahururu and Mwingi. Manawomen shared their stories of inspiration, fully participated in Grassroots Leadership workshops, dived into Spiritual Formation, wrestled with a night of silence, talked non-stop over meals, laughed and cried, stood with each other in prayer, and… all are eager to meet up again in November’s Events.

Manasprings is without doubt, a place where women with ‘mana’ gather to be refreshed body, mind, and spirit for renewed service within their communities. Connecting, learning and inspiring strengthens us all, as we serve God in helping the poor and vulnerable, and as we champion each other in seeing the fulfilment of all Kenya’s people living in well-being.

Manawomen shared:
“God bless Manasprings. It is a place to be, a place to belong, a place to rest away from your home”. (Lilian Obugo)

“You can stay 40 days without food, 7 days without water, but you can’t stay a single second without hope. Thank you for the hope and inspiration to keep me going”. (Susan Njuguna)

“It’s a meeting one cannot afford to miss. It’s an encouraging place. It’s home”. (Peninah Musee)

“As a person I’ve never been in a comfort zone like Manasprings”. (Serah Njeri)

“Manasprings inspires, encourages, and prevents burnout; I feel replenished and revitalised”. (Beatrice Murithi)


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