Tenderfeet’s New Kitchen

Published on December 17th, 2015 in Community Fundraisers

After receiving funds from the Australian High Commission Direct Aid Program, Tenderfeet have been extremely busy in building new gas cookers for the school kitchen, erecting a water tower and connecting water to the school, plus getting new office furniture and computers.

Since confirmation of the Direct Aid Program funds, Margaret, the Founder of Tenderfeet Education Centre and a Manasprings woman, has been hard at work coordinating all the construction and purchases.

Cooking lunch for hundreds of primary aged children over firewood always had its challenges, but now, the cooks are so happy with the new, efficient and environmentally friendly gas cookers.

Water had also been an issue, so with a new water tower and tank, along with the water connection to the kitchen, everyone at Tenderfeet are so thankful.

Margaret shared, “Using gas is so more efficient. The cooks are able to have lunch ready on time, they are no longer complaining about excessive smoke caused by wood burning, and also we can easily and hygienically wash dishes and utensils used by the children and staff.”

The Australian Government also provided funds for staff office furniture and computers, making educational life at Tenderfeet so much better.

As Margaret stated, “We are most grateful to the Australian High Commission for their funding of this project. Today, Tenderfeet is one of the best schools within the community, reaching out to disadvantaged children in Kibera and in our local area.”