Thanks to Mana Women

Published on June 14th, 2018 in General News

While Carey and Wanjiru were in Australia and New Zealand presenting Manasprings, Mana women in Kenya rallied together and held two Manasprings Events in Nairobi, one Event in Uriri, Migori and another Event in Gilgil, bringing together over 100 women community leaders. It was a time of connecting and building relationships, inspiring and encouraging one another in service to their communities, and learning from the collective wisdom of women who care for children and adults living in the margins and at risk.

Thanks so much to the Mana Women who facilitated these Events, and to the Mana Women who travelled away from their homes to participate in taking Manasprings to women community leaders. Our appreciation to Florence, Margaret, Consolate, Immaculate, Agnettah, Miriam, Susan and Jane who gathered women together so they could experience Manasprings. We look forward to seeing you soon!