University for Danny

Published on August 30th, 2016 in Community Fundraisers, General News

Today, Danny is a student at the University of Nairobi, studying accountancy and commerce. Danny is one of eight siblings, and the first within his family to attend university. Upon receiving his secondary school final year marks, a B+ average, he missed out by one point for government sponsorship.

“I was so grateful to attend school, given my parents couldn’t afford to send all my brothers and sisters to school. My parents did not have the finances to support my dream of university education, so I moved to Nairobi looking for a job, so that one day I would have saved enough to study at university.”

Working nightshift in a Nairobi restaurant, Danny saved what he could, and held onto his dream of being an accountant. With support from Australians, Narelle and David, Danny is now enjoying university life, taking evening classes, so he can earn income during the day to support his rent and other living expenses.

Narelle and David – thank you.  This tangible gift will be the change for Danny’s future and for his family.