Women in Leadership – Nairobi Event

Published on September 11th, 2018 in Events, General News

Mana women from across Nairobi participated in the Manasprings Women in Leadership held at the end of July, with Australian guest speakers – Steve and Cheryl Blackwell. The live-in event over two nights and two days, designed for women community leaders who serve the poor and vulnerable, specifically focused on women in leadership, with sessions on self-care, vision and values, community leadership, leadership styles, and much more. Empowering women to lead with greater confidence and capability, developing stronger connections with like-minded women, and inspiring women with authentic stories shared by Mana women were three key objectives of this event. Many thanks to Manasprings partners – Bathurst CLC and Hope Global in Australia, Steve and Cheryl, and Liam – for your dedication to Manasprings in Kenya, and also to Florence, Lucy, Margaret and Benedetta – four amazing Mana women who made sure this event was superb!

“I learnt about the humility of a good leader” Milkah (Educates youth).

“If vehicles need batteries and fuel to move, then I believe human beings need hope, love, and encouragement to keep on keeping up, and that is what Manasprings has done for me. God bless you” Susan (Rescues girls from early marriage and FGM, empowers HIV+ women in briquette training and urban farming).

“The event was so wonderful. I learnt a lot about being a woman and a leader. The most interesting for me was the teaching on the value of a woman” Sandra (Educates primary aged children).

“I’ve learnt how important I am. I’ve also learnt the importance of taking a break, and of saying “No”. I’ve made new friends at this event” Florence (Cares for and educates orphans and vulnerable children -ages from a few days old to 17 years).

“I had been frustrated and worn out after running up and down in law courts for my school case, and then at Manasprings, I am comforted and encouraged” Agneta (Cares for and educates vulnerable children, and reaches out to the sick and neglected in local community).

“I was encouraged by the stories shared on how women are bringing change in their communities. Manasprings is also the place where I connect, get inspired, learn more, and relax” Eunice (Educates vulnerable children, ages 3 to 14 at primary school).

“Manasprings has lifted me to a higher level of knowledge. The teachings are wonderful and useful to our daily life” Peninah (Empowers women through projects such as goat rearing).