Transforming Communities


"I founded Mercy due to the burden for orphans and vulnerable children. I left Nairobi with 1,500 shillings ($20) and travelled to Migori where I rented one room at the shopping centre. Within three months, there were thirteen children. "

Consolate is the founder of Mercy Ministries Orphanage and Mercy Main Flower Academy, located in Uriri, Migori, southwest Kenya. When visiting Mercy, children come running – there is such an atmosphere of excitement! With 42 orphans and vulnerable children that call ‘Mercy’ their home, and 342 children at primary school, Consolate and the team have much to do!

Today, Mercy educates children from Early Childhood Development classes through to secondary school, and then onto University and Vocational Training. Others have left home and are working, and married with children.

Manasprings sat down with Consolate to ask her more about Mercy.

Manasprings “Why did you start Mercy?”

Consolate “I do this because it is God’s purpose. God did not make me just to sit around and watch in hopelessness as man suffers. He gave each of his children abilities and gifts. He wants me to put those abilities to use and multiply them in ways that serve his purposes in the world by helping other people and doing things of value with my life. Through Mercy, this is a way of giving back to God the love that he has loved me with. I can relate to and love and raise these vulnerable orphans.”

Manasprings “What do you believe will change communities for the better?”

Consolate “Changing the mindset of my society not to focus on their poverty but to be focused on involving themselves in doing something of value with their lives.”

Manasprings “What’s it like being with Manasprings?”

Consolate “Manasprings gives me the opportunity to network with like-minded women in the society. I have learned to be an ethical leader transforming my society. I’ve gained self-confidence, along with new skills and the ability to say no! I’m also growing in relationship skills and overcoming stress.”

Manasprings “Why do you continue despite the huge challenges faced in caring for and educating orphans and vulnerable children?”

Consolate “What drives me everyday is the determination to stay on course at all times because he who called me is with me always. And that he will never leave me nor forsake me. He who called me is faithful. He who began the good work in me will bring it into completion.”

Manasprings “And finally, what do you hope to see?”

Consolate “Every Mana Woman fulfilling her desired goals and ambitions. Every Mana Woman exercising her acquired skills and knowledge in better managing their organisation.

I also hope to see a changed generation of women entrusted with the care of children and making their voices heard because they have been empowered.

Mercy Ministries is reaching out to the disadvantaged children in the society through initiation of programs that seeks to address the challenges and mitigate the socio economic impacts of HIV/ AIDS.


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