Transforming Communities


Transformation begins at the grassroots and must come from within local communities.

We take a bottom-up approach in working with local community leaders – women with ‘mana’ at the grassroots of Kenyan society, to support the transformation of their communities.

Our focus is female led grassroots leadership, so everything that Manasprings does is in partnership with women who are the founders of small community-based organisations throughout Kenya. Women are predominantly positioned on the frontline of care services, and here in Kenya, like so many other countries, the holistic wellbeing of women grassroots leaders is vitally important to ensure that communities are well supported. We respect, uphold, and champion the role of women within leadership. We build and nurture relationships with women grassroots leaders. And…we simply believe in caring for the carers, this being one of the most significant pathways to long lasting transformation for all.

Our approach today and into the future is to:

Work directly with grassroots women leaders to CONNECT, INSPIRE, and LEARN within a local chapter, at county and regional levels… and then at an annual national event in Kenya and other African nations.
Connect men and women from all spheres of business, not for profit, government and civil society, from around the world, with women community leaders in Kenya and across Africa.
Why is this support so important to helping vulnerable and marginalised children, women, men and families in Kenya and across Africa? Simply, because leaders who sincerely care for others, can influence for good.

"Mana is simply how you care for other people"


Together we can transform communities in Kenya and across Africa.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together - African Proverb

Transformation starts to happen with the desire for a better life for oneself and others. And when we encourage women and men, boys and girls to see their strengths and values, then hope is renewed, and life can begin to look so much better.

Manasprings sees the potential and the strengths in others, sometimes before they see it in themselves.

We influence grassroots women leaders. We facilitate connections with strong local organisations. We build up the capacity of not-for-profits. And we strengthen women who are making a real difference in their communities.

Strengthening local leaders and their community organisations is our priority. Why?

Simply, because the grassroots women leaders that Manasprings works with…

  • Understand the heartbeat of the community better than anyone.
  • Live and work directly with the vulnerable and disadvantaged.
  • Experience first-hand the challenges facing people living in poverty and try their very best to bring solutions.
  • Share their knowledge and skills with other grassroots leaders.  


Healthy, vibrant community living in harmony with self, others, and all creation.

Manasprings is a movement of women at the grassroots, passionate about justice and dignity for the most marginalised and vulnerable in society, with the authority and power to be a catalyst for change in shaping a more equitable, just, and caring world. We are a force for the common good.

In shaping a more equitable, just, and caring world, Manasprings envisions four key areas:


Education is key to development… where women who are leading within community based organisations and who have a powerful influence within local communities, have access to gain knowledge and skill to support and strengthen themselves, in their service to others.


Enterprise is key to development … where women are supported to grow their own enterprises. Women across Kenya and Africa are hard working and entrepreneurial. When you empower a woman, you empower a nation.


Equality is key to development … where irrespective of gender, age, ethnicity, religion, ability, education and socio-economic differences, there resides a healthy respect for one another, access to opportunities, equity of justice, and kindness that extends to others.


Environmental action is key to development … the fight against deforestation, soil erosion, water shortages and degraded water quality, air pollution, domestic and industrial waste, wildlife poaching and domesticated animal abuse.

Manasprings champions women in leadership who are directly working in these four key areas.
We’d love you to get in touch with us should your organisation be involved in one of these four areas.


Together, we can support and strengthen grassroots women leaders in transforming communities for the wellbeing of all.


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