Transforming Communities


Manasprings salutes the many Manawomen in Kenya who embrace the true meaning of ‘mana’
– simply, how you care for others.

To date, Manasprings has reached out to hundreds of women community leaders representing their own not-for-profit, local organisations that impact the lives of thousands of children, youth, women, men, and families living in poverty throughout Kenya.

We’ve learnt that Manawomen have more than one remarkable trait in common – however one characteristic that stands strong is that of COURAGE – courage to do the right thing when everyone else turns away, courage to try again tomorrow, courage to test the limits, and courage to make a difference.

Margaret Nyabuto

Margaret is the founding director of Tenderfeet Education Centre, a primary school for 200 pupils, which today provides a high standard of education in Kabiria, Nairobi. Some school children come…

Consolate Muga

Consolate is the founder of Mercy Ministries Orphanage and Mercy Main Flower Academy, located in Uriri, Migori, southwest Kenya. When visiting Mercy, children come running – there is such an…

Beatrice Marongo

Beatrice and her mother founded Fruitful Talent Centre in Kibera, home to a million people who lack water, sewerage and power. Fruitful is a happy place, even though things are…



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