In Kenya, like other African nations, it can be clearly seen that it is local women leaders who show courage and resilience in the midst of adversity. They learn to adapt to increase their effectiveness. They learn to not work alone. They understand the importance of working with other like-minded women to achieve their goals in providing support to poor and vulnerable children, women and families.

Manasprings recognises the strength within the many small grassroots organisations. We want to champion grassroots leaders. We recognise there are many thousands of small grassroots organisations across Kenya, so it’s not a question of scaling up to have more, but rather of networking, inspiring and up-skilling those women leaders and their organisations to influence change within their communities for the wellbeing of all.

The women leaders we work with represent not for profit organisations, who are supporting and educating orphaned and vulnerable children, assisting HIV+ women and their children, providing small enterprise opportunities to disadvantaged women, advocating for child rights and child protection, providing health care services to impoverished communities, and also working across the country in peace and reconciliation.

Manasprings bottom up approach with women leaders has the possibility to touch many lives across Kenya and beyond its borders.

Manasprings Wellbeing & Leadership Events

At Manasprings, we bring women community leaders together for a residential program, designed over two to four days, creating a safe and encouraging environment for women to connect, learn and inspire. Women are empowered to tell their own stories of courage, compassion, and commitment. Women forge strong relationships with others serving in the community. Women learn from each other and from local and international facilitators as we focus on personal, professional and organisational growth.

The Manasprings Wellbeing & Leadership Events are paramount to the empowerment of women as leaders within their communities, where women learn principled teachings on ‘mana’ leadership at the grassroots, connect with like-minded leaders to bring solutions to local, challenging issues, and where we can champion inclusive, empathetic leaders who seek to transform their communities. Manasprings events are a meaningful way of building each other up.

Most importantly the Manasprings Wellbeing & Leadership Events are designed for leaders to hit the pause on their community service. This is where women at the grassroots find a place of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health so they can be strong, and continue caring for the poor and vulnerable. Their wellbeing is vitally important for themselves, their families, and communities. 

Manasprings Community

We are born to help one another. We are born to connect with community. When we serve one another, we experience a deep contentment.

Manasprings facilitates ‘in-field’ learning that takes place within community schools, health centres, children’s homes, community groups, agricultural settings and more.

We become stronger leaders by seeing first-hand what other like-minded leaders are actually doing. We learn from each other. Our organisations grow stronger.

We champion Mana women and their local organisations! And in doing so, help raise funds to support their projects – a bus for a school, water for a children’s home or emergency food and shelter.


Small acts of kindness can bring change, the type of change that reaches beyond borders and across nations, to tangibly make a difference in the lives of others.

Manasprings connects people all over the world to cultivate shared learning and wisdom; that links like-minded women with a heart for community transformation.

Together we can build stronger, local Kenyan organisations led by women to better address development challenges.

Project Consultancy

Serving international donors to Kenyan not for profits.

Given our comprehensive community development expertise within Africa, Manasprings offers international donors funding Kenyan projects, a diverse range of services, including: Feasibility Studies, Project Design & Implementation, Monitoring & Evaluation, Organisational Governance & Management, Navigating Not for Profit Registration, Leadership Development, Strategic Planning Process, Strengthening Financial Planning & Controls, Strengthening Communication, and Child Protection Education.

Stronger leaders, stronger organisations, and stronger partnerships build healthy, mutually beneficial relationships that help transform people and communities. We would be happy to help you.


100% of your gift funds women’s wellbeing.


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