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By being a ManaRafiki, a friend of Manasprings, your regular monthly support of $49 strengthens and develops compassionate and courageous women community leaders in Kenya who care for the poor and vulnerable.

*Donations over $2 in Australia and $5 in New Zealand are tax deductible. Tax deductibility is also available in the United Kingdom.

Buy a Bracelet for $50 (inclusive of postage). Choose from red, orange or black handmade, recycled glass and bone bracelets.

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Direct Deposit Donations

Manasprings Inc.
Commonwealth Bank Australia (CBA)
Branch: Robina Town Centre, Gold Coast, Australia
BSB: 064486
Account No.: 10516798

Please Note:

Ongoing regular deposits need to be arranged with your bank.

Please include donor’s name in the description of the direct deposit.

Please email Manasprings – [email protected] with donation details, including name of donor, amount and date of donation, and email address for receipting purposes.

You can make a donation directly into the Fund: 

Acct. Name: Auckland Foundation
Acct No. 12-3028-0714703-00
Reference: Manasprings 

To receive a tax receipt please email your details to [email protected] or call 09 366 1523.

Governance and Tax Deductibility

Manasprings Inc. in Australia has partnered with BCC (Africa) Inc, an Australian charitable organisation with PBI (public benevolent institute) and DGR (deductible gift recipient) status. In Australia, tax-deductible receipts for gifts over $2 for Manasprings will be issued by BCC (Africa) Inc.

Anyone can make a tax-deductible donation to the Manasprings Fund (administered by Auckland Foundation). The endowment is invested and managed by independent experts as part of a pooled fund. The income earned from the investment is used to implement Manasprings’ work, creating a lasting and self-sustaining legacy. Auckland Foundation takes care of all the legal, financial and administrative responsibilities associated with a charitable foundation, providing continuity and professional management long into the future.