We offer 3 types of experiences connected to Manasprings


Experience Kenya

Duration: 2 weeks
Location: Kenya

Manasprings has partnered with We Are Africa, a local travel company, that creates one of a kind experiential tours for women across the world with a passion to connect and learn from Kenyan women.

To experience the real Kenya, We Are Africa gives space within its two-week travel programs to visit local communities in remote rural villages and inner city slums. You’ll have time to listen and learn from local women and their families about life in Kenya.

You”ll enjoy fabulous local cuisine, not available anywhere else in the world. You’ll also have the opportunity to give back to one of the projects you visit, and before you leave for home, you’ll also enjoy the remarkable national game parks to see the spectacular African wildlife.

Join us on an unforgettable journey, make new friends and take back memories to last a lifetime. For further information about the next We Are Africa Tour, contact us today.


The Nairobi We Love

Duration: 2 days
Location: Nairobi

For foreign visitors who desire to experience the Nairobi we love.

Join us over two full days to experience the diversity of Nairobi, and all that we love! Meet with women community leaders at the grassroots of Kenyan society, and visit their communities.

This educational tour includes visiting community projects, meeting local Kenyans making a difference, experiencing the local cuisine, and learning local customs. Immerse yourself in the Nairobi we love over two days. For more information please contact us today.


Share Expertise and Mentor

Duration: Flexible
Location: Kenya

Lend a hand at a local organisation in Kenya.

Manasprings provides opportunities for friends and partners to give professional expertise to small, locally led organisations. If you are passionate about mentoring, and giving your time, expertise and knowledge to help indigenous not for profits, and you have a minimum three months to spare, then contact us. Visiting Manasprings in Kenya is a rewarding experience, one you will have for a lifetime.

For more information please contact us today.


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